What we’re about:  


Empowering and Protecting Womxn: 

All Femme Inclining Beings

    ‘Non - Binary, Queer, Trans, Straight  Womxn’

  • Putting Womxn in Armor created to ease the wounds of being constantly hunted by assuring strength, elegance, and the power to protect ourselves                                                                               

  • We are an International Collective of Womxn protecting the femme and empowering the masculine to get on board (you came out of a womb)                                                                                       

  • Men who protect the feminine in all shapes and forms are invited to join our movement and wear our Armor, we are grateful for the divine masculine making space and supporting Wombxn globally                                                                                                   

  • Our Armor is handmade in Los Angeles and one of a kind


As the media has begun to note, women undergo an exceptionally large amount of sexual harassment and no we are never asking for it #MeToo.

Around the world, women are ready for change. Tired of submission and being told what to do and how to live. Tired of being stolen and owned, belittled and shamed.

We are rising and reclaiming ourselves - WOMXN - empowered, strong, open,non-binary, trans, queer women leaders.

Rebels and Justice Seekers in a world ran by men profiting off of blood and oil.

Fearless females birthing the new wave of healing and leadership needed to steward the change Mother Earth is crying for.

A world where an armored woman is necessary and less shocking than a man with a pistol.

We are not helpless and should feel fabulous while stepping into our power roaming this earth.


Meet your Maker

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Maya Rose Berko